. (tokori) wrote in womenintech,

thesis project -- need help

Submission Call:

I am collecting engagement rings and wedding rings or photos of them for my thesis project at NYU. This project will be displayed to the public in December in New York City during a exhibition in downtown. The project is an exploration of artifacts and the history behind them.

Your submission will remain anonymous.

If you have an engagement ring or wedding ring that you are seeking disposal of or are willing to photograph the ring (digital or non) and send the image of the ring or physical ring with the following information:

geographic location of proposal or marriage
how old you were or apx year/date of proposal/marriage
your last or strongest memory of the person

please feel free to send this to anyone you know who would be willing to share or xpost anywhere.

Contributions are highly appreciated. If you would like to be notified of the exhibition location please include your email or snail mail address with the information.

Your submission will remain anonymous.

send submissions to addie at nyu dot edu

or via regular mail to:

7 east 8th street
# 164
ny ny 10003

please feel free to send this to anyone or x-post where applicable.
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