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Знатоки флеш

Как сделать во FLASH скриптами версий начиная с 2-ой, так чтобы по нажатию клавиши Enter в компоненте TextInput вызывалась какая-нибудь функция ? Тоесть, мы там что-нибудь вводим, потом жмем ввод и вызывается некая функция.
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Хочу проадвертить тулзу моего знакомого, всему любимого и обожаемого Ares'a)) Продолжай в том же духе!!!
0x4553-Intercepter] offers the following features:

    + Sniffing passwords\hashes of the types:
    + Sniffing chat messages of ICQ\AIM\JABBER\YAHOO\MSN\GADU-GADU\IRC\MRA
    + Promiscuous-mode scanning + ARP scanning + DHCP discovering
    + Changing MAC address of LAN adapters
    + Raw mode (with filtering rules)
    + eXtreme mode
    + Capturing packets and post-capture (offline) analyzing
    + Remote traffic capturing via RPCAP daemon
    + Built-in arp poison module
    + Reconstruction of SMTP\POP3 messages

Works on Windows NT(2K\XP\2k3\Vista).
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Tech Question: What's the best cross platform File system?

I am a cross platform girl.

I have a linux machine and a macintosh (which is realy just pretty unix), and a windows XP box.

[I'm sticking with windows XP and not updating to Vista, because, well life is too short to inflict that kind of pain on myself.]

But I digress.

Being a cross platform girl, I have external devices which I back up my various boxes to.

Trouble is, they are all formatted to different 'standards'. 

If I were dealing exclusively with smaller files (under 4GB), then I'd probably stick with the Fat32 system BUT as I am often archiving DVD's and other large media files that is not an option. I want to be able to manipulate files without having to archive them into smaller pieces.
As far as I am aware, Windows XP won't play nice with HFS formatted drives, and Macs like HFS PLUS  best (apparently) and the various flavours of Linux, well they just  tend to take anything you throw at them, but reportedly has curious issues with Fat16...

Please tell me which you think is the best cross platform File system and why.

ta . 

I would rather move all the data off of all my external drives, format them ALL TO A SINGLE STANDARD, then move the data back.  I desperately want to have an orderly digital archive, so that I can create and catalouge system back ups easily.

So what should I choose? Stick with FAT32, Try Joliet, or something else I am unware of??
Any and all help appreciated.

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thesis project -- need help

Submission Call:

I am collecting engagement rings and wedding rings or photos of them for my thesis project at NYU. This project will be displayed to the public in December in New York City during a exhibition in downtown. The project is an exploration of artifacts and the history behind them.

Your submission will remain anonymous.

If you have an engagement ring or wedding ring that you are seeking disposal of or are willing to photograph the ring (digital or non) and send the image of the ring or physical ring with the following information:

geographic location of proposal or marriage
how old you were or apx year/date of proposal/marriage
your last or strongest memory of the person

please feel free to send this to anyone you know who would be willing to share or xpost anywhere.

Contributions are highly appreciated. If you would like to be notified of the exhibition location please include your email or snail mail address with the information.

Your submission will remain anonymous.

send submissions to addie at nyu dot edu

or via regular mail to:

7 east 8th street
# 164
ny ny 10003

please feel free to send this to anyone or x-post where applicable.
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the saddest moment of your life..

I've started a new media project for my grad program and am in the process of collecting stories from peoples life..

The idea is this:
Everybody's got something, someone or a moment in their life where the story is more important than the object.

If any of you would like to add your story or share the link with friends other bloggers, etc.. please do so. The more content I can get the stronger this will be.

the link is here:
work, office

Kathy Sierra

Some of you may have heard of Kathy Sierra, programming author (she co-wrote many of the Head First books) and owner of the blog Creating Passionate Users.

She recently started recieving death threats on her blog, followed by a series of posts on other blogs, showing images of her with nooses etc. As a result she's cancelled many of her speaking engagements, as have many other bloggers in support of her.

More information:

I'm really outraged by this. I realise that cyber-bullying exists and can be very nasty, but this seems to be a whole step further. But then there are issues surrounding free speech on the web... A complicated matter.

Thought the ladies here might like to know about it.

defcon.. the "hacker" conference.


Anyone reading this ever been to Defcon in Las vegas?

I have the chance to attend with my boyfriend (who is attending for work), and I was just wondering if any of you have attended in the past how you found it, and what the ratio of men to womena are?

 I've read it's apparentl 5,000 attendees and rougtly 500 women, but I can't beleive it's that low !