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Saw this on the Women In Game Development mailing list this morning and was completely apalled.

I can't believe Forbes let this one fly.

I registered for a free forum account just so I could give them a piece of my mind.

I feel like it's saying that well-educated, confident women are less desirable than those with negligable skills and a lack of any ambition.  It's obvious that this guy is trying to misuse [questionably accurate] academic papers to promote a personal agenda.  I mean, c'mon, making $30k/year means you're a "career woman"?  Hell, I would guess that tons of baristas, waitresses (etc) earn that much here.  So what does that leave?  Part-timers at the local fast food joint?  Street rats?  Yeah, 'cause that's the type I'd want to start a family with and have raising my children-- not a well-educated, capable spouse who would give my kids a better headstart during their most important years.

('Sides... do dudes who read Forbes even know any non-"career women"?  Whatever.)

I totally don't get the whole "your house will be dirtier" argument.  That's outdated, misogynistic crap.  If both partners are making more than $30k/year and cleaning somehow becomes a serious, relationship-threatening issue (the writer seems to assume that men are incapable of doing their share of household chores), then they can hire a damn maid to come in once a [time period] and help them out.

Oh, but "career women" might cheat on you!  Yeah, like all "career men" are saints.  None of them cheat on their spouses, decide networking with clients is more important than spending time with their children, or any of that stuff.  Of course not.

But career women will leave you if they're not happy!  Um, women incapable of supporting themselves financially usually stay in an unhappy and/or abusive relationships because they feel they have no alternatives.  I don't see how that's somehow preferable.

This article SHOULD have been about the difficulties of balancing family and career in today's world-- which I totally think is a valid concern.  But no matter how much certain men wistfully long for the return of the perfect, obedient and dainty housewife, the 1950s are OVER.

Thank the FSM.

Those old training videos telling girls to take Home Ec because Math or Science will make them unattractive to men really fucking squick me out.
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